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CapGenic Provides Access to Capital, Identifies and Executes Growth Strategies

CapGenic, originally established in 1995, is a firm dedicated to helping clients formulate and execute on strategies customized for the marketplace and the funding environment of each company. Our team acts like an internal accelerator as an extension of the management team. We are business strategists, financial advisors and experienced entrepreneurs. We distinguish ourselves from other firms by providing partner-level participation in each project at reasonable prices. We excel in corporate development, alliance building, capital formation and merger & acquisition intermediation, with a focus on business success as defined by our clients and their investors. CapGenic principals have an extensive history of success over the past 25 years.

CapGenic has worked extensively with major institutional investors as well as their clients, bringing a perspective that balances operational realities with financial needs. Our people are particularly skilled at building relationships, both with our clients and their partners, and delivering measurable results.

  • Corporate Finance

    CapGenic professionals have led significant strategic transactions for over two decades. Our experience with strategic analysis, structure, and negotiation coupled with persistence and patience has resulted in billions in transaction value.

  • Creative Financing

    We have found that the same skill sets we use in our traditional M & A practice work effectively to create partnerships and joint ventures that benefit all contributors.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    CapGenic develops business models that describe how a business positions itself within the environment of its industry and how it intends to sustain itself and generate revenue.

  • Business Development

    We have created partnerships that enhance stability, growth, and value. Alliance building includes facilitation of distribution channels, sales, manufacturing capabilities, and promotional activity. We assist our clients in reducing infrastructure spending and in accelerating growth through leveraging partnership resources. These relationships have catalyzed mergers and acquisitions as well as other forms of strategic investment while building shareholder value.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    CapGenic business models convert innovation to economic value for a business. Business models illustrate the manner in which a company makes money through the identification of its position in the value chain. Models draw on a multitude of business subjects including entrepreneurship, strategy, economics, finance, operations, and marketing.

  • Business Plan Development

    Transactions include the acquisitions of Beatrice and Stauffer, merger of Postgraduate Institute for Medicine into Jobson Publishing, acquisition of Progressive Development Systems into Advanced Logic Systems and its subsequent sale to Performance Food Group, and the plan and facilitation of funding for HealthStar Communications,among other transactions. Our work has resulted in healthy sustainable businesses, many of which are market leaders in their respective fields.