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HealthStar Communications, Inc.

HealthStar Communications, Inc. represents a creative and successful consolidation, funding strategy, and execution. Beginning with a seasoned management team, a $3 M platform company, and a blank sheet of paper, CapGenic professionals captured the vision and passion in a plan to create the world’s largest privately held medical and pharmaceutical marketing services company. HealthStar was repositioned to enhance its investment multiple by creating a mix of traditional medical advertising services and new strategic services, all aimed at helping the company’s clients better reach their customers and measure ROI. We published the plan and helped the team to refine its presentation to the capital markets. CapGenic facilitated the initial $50M venture financing with HIG Capital and was retained to advise HealthStar in ongoing acquisitions. Since the initial closing in 2001, the company has completed eleven acquisitions and today is recognized as a leader with over $250M in profitable revenue.

Advanced Logic Systems, Inc.

Advanced Logic Systems, Inc. is an example of CapGenic’s success in strategic positioning, team enhancement, investment facilitation, and business development. CapGenic professionals facilitated the company’s seed capital investment and proceeded to fill missing management slots with recognized leaders. Additional investment followed. We advised the company and assisted in alliances with market leaders like Freddie Mac, Verizon and others. Today, Advanced Logic is a recognized leader in information sharing and communications solutions. It has recently penetrated the Homeland Security sector where its award winning ANICS™ system provides early alerts to first responders.

McKesson Bio Services, Inc.

McKesson Bio Services benefitted from our analysis and development of a market services plan for their bio division. In the course of our work together, we jointly determined that this division was not a good fit for the parent company and subsequently identified a buyer for McKesson. In due course, CapGenic facilitated the sale of the division to Fisher Scientific for over $500 million.

CA Technology

CapGenic provided an interim senior manager role to achieve several strategic objectives. The scope of work included the restructuring of the organization and facilitating recapitailzation through a buyout group. Later on, the company was renamed Agilent, Inc. CapGenic was instrumental in indentifying and negotiating a further investment in the company by Granite Ventures in Provost, UT.


For the leadership team at Mitsui, CapGenic assisted in the spin out and recapitalization of the company ($120 MM). Mitsui is the only US wholly-owned software subsidiary of Mitrix. Our efforts resulted in an initial investment by Logispring and the rebirth of the company as Amitiv.

Audio Audit

With Audio Audit, CapGenic took a shared position for funding and access. We created the business plan and market strategy, and faciliated an aggressive business development effort. Our positioning resulting in a $12 MM investment in the company by Ridgewood Capital Partners and Polaris Ventures. CapGenic served as an interim CFO thoughout the company's raise. The company sold to Nielsen Media in 2006.

These brief examples illustrate a sampling of our success. All of our engagements involve refining strategy, business plan development, and marketing development, which effectively increase the value of the client company. We have led numerous sales, licensing, distribution and training efforts, resulting directly in many millions of dollars in new revenue for our clients.