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CapGenic Provides Access to Capital, Identifies and Executes Growth Strategies

  • CapGenic is a company dedicated to helping clients succeed in the marketplace. We excel in merger and acquisition intermediation, corporate development, alliance building and capital formation with a focus on analysis, formulation, refinement, and implementation of successful business strategies. Our team of consultants—all of whom are highly qualified and possess extensive experience—act as business strategists and financial advisors to our select clients.
  • We distinguish ourselves from other firms by providing partner-level participation in each project at affordable prices. CapGenic has an extensive history of success. CapGenic has worked extensively with major institutional investors as well as their clients, bringing a perspective that balances operational realities with financial needs. Our people are particularly skilled at building relationships, both with our clients and their partners, and delivering measurable results.

  • Capital Strategy & Funding

    Value Preservation

    Our approach focuses on strategic funding sources that can provide additional value for expansion and growth. They provide sales, marketing, or distribution infrastructure, manufacturing support, or global expansion opportunities, often in combination with invested capital. This methodology minimizes dilution and increases enterprise value in the eyes of the institutional investors who we also work with on a regular basis.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Perfect Match

    Drawing from a strong core of both operational and financial experience, we stand by our record of assisting companies to reach completed deals. Our success rate has been industry leading. Unlike most advisory organizations, we have facilitated the completion of transactions from $2 M to $600 M. We provide a resource for expansion stage and middle market companies, as well as major enterprise.

  • Business & Sales Development

    Wide Network

    Our principals have run and scaled global marketing and sales operations and bring senior management skill sets to expansion-stage companies at far less than the cost of permenant hires. While we always recommend resources internal to the company, we can often jump start operations to the point that this becomes practical.

  • Growth Strategies

    Industry Expertise

    Growth comes from knowing your products and audience, perfecting your message, and attracting and developing the talent to execute. Growth strategies involve both very granular planning and the adoption of proven execution methods, all of which we draw from our professional experiences.